"Miracle" is the name of baby number 100, after the program that began in 2002.

Dolphin Discovery celebrating the birth of baby number 100

Dolphin Discovery Group announced the birth of breeding 100th last December 2015. This is a result of the breeding program of marine mammals "Miracle", operating since 2002.

To celebrate the birth of the young 100th, the next March 8th there will be a news and social networking conference, where there will be announced the details to participate and win a trip to one of the 22 dolphinariums of the group to meet Miracle.

The breeding program strategies include: scientific research, partnerships with various institutions related to animal welfare and arrangements with universities for conducting degree thesis and reports on dolphins and manatees. Other benefits of this research can be seen in the different cases of stranded dolphins, recovered and reintroduced into the wild; a clear example is the recent case of Maya, the dolphin beached, rescued and treated clinically, until their return to the sea.

"The successful birth of offspring of first and second generation, is the result of continuous investment not only in first class facilities that allow for sustained research, but in human capital in constant training. Our philosophy of love, protection and reproduction of these species, allows us to promote the care and respect that we all have to nature, "said Eduardo Albor, CEO of Dolphin Discovery Group.

Currently there are 5 locations "Miracle", which means that house exclusively dolphins born in the breeding program, these are: Costa Maya, Puerto Aventuras, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel and Akumal.

Soon we will announce the #DolphinMiracle contest, where the prize will be a trip to the dolphinarium where the baby dolphin was born and get to meet him.